Prominent New York Criminal Defense Attorney

New York Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in New York City, Westchester or Long Island you need an attorney who is well versed in local laws and knows how the local judges and prosecutors operate. Being arrested or charged with a crime is an extremely traumatic experience with far ranging consequences that are hard to predict without legal guidance. Fortunately, you do not have to face the government alone.

As a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, Mr. Vomvolakis has gained the skills, knowledge and temperament to provide you with the best defense available in your criminal case.  George Vomvolakis is a prominent criminal defense attorney and civil litigator practicing throughout New York in both state and federal courts. He has had many positive outcomes for clients who have been charged with various crimes, including: rape, assault, drug crimes, racketeering, DUI, DWI, murder and many others.  He worked for six years as a prosecutor in the renowned New York County District Attorney’s office and is able to provide a unique perspective and approach to his clients’ cases. Many years as a prosecutor have given him a wide knowledge base and a solid understanding of the justice system in New York City and surrounding areas.

George Vomvolakis also has a substantial amount of experience representing clients in civil law matters. While the majority of his practice is based around criminal defense, his knowledge of civil law has helped him to successfully resolve a variety of case types, including: discrimination, personal injury and civil rights violations. He has had numerous large settlement awards in civil cases and knows how to get results for his clients. His experience in both the criminal and civil arenas has given him a depth and breadth of experience that is rare to find in a criminal defense attorney. George Vomvolakis is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts of New York but has also worked with clients across the United States. He has also appeared as a commentator and expert on many television and radio stations across the country.

What type of experience do you have as a criminal defense attorney?

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As a former prosecutor, Mr. Vomvolakis has an extensive history as a prosecutor in the State of New York and knows the ins and outs of the judicial system including recent developments in case law and criminal jurisprudence.  His experience and training has given him a special insight into case management as well as client satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system.  Being a criminal defense attorney requires a lot more than a textbook understanding of criminal procedure and criminal law. It requires any attorney who is going to be successful to have a solid base of practical knowledge and real life experience. Even better than practical knowledge and experience is having an attorney who has been on the other side of the aisle as a prosecutor. Having examined the world of criminal defense from both a prosecutorial and defense perspective gives attorneys a fairly unusual set of skills and insights into each individual case that they encounter.
  • Knowledge of how District Attorneys prosecute criminal cases.  As a prosecutor, an attorney is able to see first-hand how a criminal case is developed from the government’s point of view. Years of experience as a prosecutor gives a defense attorney a thorough understanding of the ways that prosecutors build their cases, evaluate the charges that should be filed, and determine the approach they will take at trial to successfully prosecute alleged criminals. It is invaluable to have this knowledge and experience working on your behalf to counter the prosecution’s strategies and tactics. What could be better than having an attorney with “inside” information fighting your fight? There are few attorneys who are fortunate enough to have worked as both prosecutors and defense attorneys and it is an asset to have an advocate with that background telling your side of the story.
  • Familiarity with local judges and prosecutors.  Judges and prosecutors quite literally hold the keys to your future if you have been charged or accused of a crime. It is critically important that criminal defense attorneys understand how these other attorneys think, plan and strategize when a case comes before them. They develop an intimate knowledge of the attorneys who practice before them or those attorneys who have worked alongside them in the past as former prosecutors. These relationships provide the basis for a professional and respectful relationship to develop between lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and clerks. All of these players will have a role in your case and it will pay dividends to have an attorney who understands the system and has earned the respect of his peers.
  • A firm grasp of criminal law.  Over the course of many years as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, George Vomvolakis has developed a deep and nuanced understanding of the criminal and civil laws in the State of New York. He has prosecuted cases and defended cases ranging from low level misdemeanors to serious felonies. Over the course of his career thus far he has learned a great deal about the complexities of criminal law and he has put in place policies and practices that allow him to leverage that knowledge and experience in the most effective and cost efficient way for his clients.

There is no way to substitute for these qualities when it comes to hiring a criminal defense attorney. Our office firmly believes that we represent clients with the utmost respect, skill and determination.

What types of criminal cases does George Vomvolakis typically defend?

The Law Offices of George Vomvolakis have represented clients charged with a wide variety of criminal offenses.  From felonies to misdemeanors, George Vomvolakis has fought against charges for many crimes, including: rape, assault, drug crimes, racketeering, DUI, DWI, murder, white collar crimes and many others. Listed below is a more in-depth discussion of the types of cases our office has handled.

  • Homicide.  Homicide in New York includes a group of offenses consisting of first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide.  The killing of another human being is among the most serious of crimes. Likewise, the punishments for the death of another person, whether intentional or not, are very severe. Other than not talking to the police, the most important thing you can do is seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.
  • Drug crimes.  The categories of crimes that deal with drug and narcotic possession, sale or distribution are extensive and complicated. Depending on the type of drug involved, the amount and the intended purpose for the drug, the range of punishments you may face are quite extensive. Having a small amount of a drug for personal possession will have less severe consequences than possession of large amounts for dealing or trafficking. Of course, all drug offenses can have far reaching consequences for your future. Whether you are sentenced to a long term in prison or denied a job because of an unfavorable background check, drug charges can affect all aspects of your life. Rather than taking your chances in the hands of the judicial system, you should find a qualified criminal defense attorney to combat the charges and protect your reputation.
  • Theft offenses.  Theft is a broad classification that covers everything from shoplifting to grand larceny and armed robbery.  These sorts of crimes vary widely and there is a range of potential punishments you could face. Generally, the severity of the punishment will depend on the amount of goods stolen and their value. Petty larceny (also known as petit larceny) is generally the theft of goods valued at under $1,000. Above that amount you may be charged with grand larceny and a felony. Of course, the punishment will be more severe if threats, force or a dangerous weapon were used during the theft.
  • Weapons crimes.   There are any number of crimes that can involve the use of weapons and given the dangerous nature of knives, firearms, etc., the punishment you face can be greatly enhanced if you illegally used, possessed, or brandished a weapon. If you have already been convicted of a felony and are caught with a weapon there is a good chance that you will face prison time. In any event, you need an experienced attorney who can help you eliminate, or at the very least mitigate, the charges and punishments you are facing.
  • Sexual crimes.  Sex crimes are viewed as particularly heinous and as a result you will face not only the criminal charges associated therewith, but also the social stigma and sex offender status that often accompanies these crimes. Sexual crimes can range from indecent exposure or lewd behavior to forcible rape, child pornography or forcible touching. If you are convicted of a sex crime and serve your time, you can still be haunted by the crime for the rest of your life. Even if you did nothing wrong your reputation and status can be irreparably damaged, especially if the charges involved sexual crimes against the most vulnerable people in society, children. The best scenario is to work with a qualified attorney from the outset and fight the charges before you ever see the inside of a cell or are forced to register as a sex offender.  Only a criminal attorney with extensive experience fighting sex crimes can help you restore your reputation and protect your good name.
  • Violent crime.  When it comes to violent crime, most people automatically think of murder, rape and other violent sexual offenses. The concept of “violent crime” is very broad. Whether it is domestic violence, armed robbery, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, or car jacking, violent crimes are amongst the most serious of offenses. Only an attorney who is a proven track record of fighting violent crime can help you stand up for your rights and prevent you from serving prison time.
  • Federal crimes.  Most crimes that exist at the state level also apply at the federal level. Unfortunately, the federal system operates very differently than state criminal justice systems. Under the federal system there are different rules of criminal procedure (Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure) and evidence (Federal Rules of Evidence). Whether you have been charged with racketeering, securities fraud, tax evasion, other “white collar” crimes, or federal drug charges, you need an attorney who is well versed in federal criminal law representing your interests.  George Vomvolakis has successfully represented many clients in the federal system.
  • Inchoate offenses.  These crimes generally involve coordination between two criminals or some attempt to commit a crime. Whether you solicited somebody to commit a crime, engaged in a conspiracy, or made a failed attempt to commit a crime, you can face stiff punishments. These crimes all require that you had the intent to commit a crime or that you intended to agree with other individuals to commit some criminal enterprise. Conspiracy requires two or more persons who agree to commit a crime and have the intent to enter into an agreement to commit that crime. You may be held criminally liable as an individual if other crimes happen in the course of the conspiracy, even if you did not intend that they should happen. If, for example, you are part of a bank robbery and somebody is killed by a co-conspirator during the robbery, you can be charged with murder even though you did not want to kill the person. Situations like this raise many complex legal principles and only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you sort through these complications.

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George Vomvolakis is a criminal defense attorney in New York City who regularly defends those accused of numerous types of crime in both state and federal criminal prosecutions.  The staff at his office has the experience and knowledge to provide you with quality criminal defense if you have been charged with any crime in the State of New York. Call his office today for a free case evaluation!

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